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Mayuresh Visswanathan:

Hello! I am a self-taught fine furniture maker and designer from Carlsbad, CA. I entered the world of woodworking when I first built a simple aquarium stand out of 2x4s with a mitre saw and a drill in 2020. The desire to create things I needed with my hands sent me down the path of fine woodworking. Furniture is not only a beautiful form of art, but it also serves a practical purpose in one's life. I aim to create furniture that is perfectly functional, built to last, and timeless in design.

About the Work:

Every piece has an original design that starts with an idea. An idea turns into a sketch, which turns into a 2D model. A 2D model then turns into a scale model prototype, and finally becomes a full scale piece. From selecting boards to applying the last coat of finish, I personally perform every part of the construction process. I value craftsmanship and traditional skills in my work; thus, all joinery is cut by hand and most pieces are sculpted by hand as well. 

Questions or Comments? Please feel free to contact me.

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