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Long Crest Ottoman

Sculpted ottoman with subtle details

Location: Berkeley, CA

Date: Spring 2024

Wood: Black Cherry & Ribbon Sapele


The long crest ottoman is an unconventional, yet subtle piece to accompany the long crest lounger. When designing this ottoman, the goal was to craft a piece that could stand firmly on its own from a design standpoint, but would also be humble enough to let the lounge chair take the spotlight. It features a lightly contoured seat, dominant cross-brace, and two-legged design. Like the chair it goes with, it is made from American Black Cherry and Ribbon Sapele with all hand-cut joinery and hand-sculpted profiles. It is finished with several coats of polymerized pure tung oil and some wax to create a buttery smooth surface. This ottoman is intended to serve both as a footrest and single-seating bench.

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